MSPT Freeroll is an entertainment based company, providing poker players the opportunity to compete in a series of points based tournaments, at a local venue, every week, for free.


¨ The top 30% of players at the weekly venue qualify for the Regional Tournament.

¨ The top 10% of players in the Regional advance to the State Tournament.

This Season we will be playing for the $1,100 buy-in to the MSPT “Running Aces” event in February 2015!

The first Regional Tournament will be held on August 23, at Northern Lites in Stephen, MN

The TD Tournament will be at 10:00am

(top 2 will receive a TEC)

The Multi-Venue Tournament will be at 12:00pm

(top 2 will receive a TEC)

The Qualifier will be at 2:00pm

(top 10% will receive a TEC)

Good luck, everyone!!